House warming party at SABIO

SABIO is turning 15 these days and it is almost impossible to think of knowledge management on a professional level without it. We obtained over 100 corporate customers through the years and grew to 45 employees to date. This lead to office space turning pretty scarce.

During the last 12 months we worked on new accommodation in Ruhrstr. 11 in Hamburg. Several knocked down and freshly constructed walls, as well as a lot of noise, sweat and patience later, we were finally able to move into the new rooms on second floor in the beginning of april.

So we inititated a house warming party on the 9th of April. Over 100 guests followed our invitation, to celebrate with snacks, drinks and relaxed atmosphere. Apart from our employees, a lot of customers, partners and friends laughed, danced and talked with us, enterteined by our live-act Jesper Jürgens.

We would like to thank all guests, as well as the team responsible for organizing this great night, and look forward to the next opportunity to celebrate!