Our Values

We are service providers for service providers.

Only service providers comprehend the special requirements for this sector. The nature to be a service provider is encapsulated in our DNA. That is why we understand our customers so well.

We are here for you.

Our customers are not left to their own devices with our product. We accompany your first SABIO steps and continue to always be available. This includes excellent support as well as an ear for improvement requests. These are streamed into our development program.

Best of Breed.

The best of everything - everyone craves for the independence and freedom to select and employ the best application for their purpose. That is why SABIO’s focus is purely on knowledge management and is easily combined with other customer service systems via Plug & Play. We constantly seek partnerships with these applications and count on the flexibility of the future.

Single Source Origin for Information.

To guarantee reliability and currency of information, there can be only one authoritative source. Only this source will be edited and updated. All customer channels (calls, mail, fax, SMS, chat, web, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be fed through this reliable source.

Point of Knowledge.

Knowledge should be available where it is needed. SABIO pushes information to the applications that also require it. Over 70% of clients access their knowledge with applications other than SABIO, e.g. Helpcenter. Please note that every application can be connected, either via SABIO Add-on or our open API.

Start small, grow tall.

We do not subscribe to the theory of creating a global solution in one sweep. SABIO was purposely started small and then enhanced subject to requirements; this applies to users, roles, environments, functions, content and apps. And that’s the way we will continue to develop.

Simple is simply better.

When it comes to the user interface: ‘mastered is mastered’. Instead of being cool and new, the controls should come naturally to the user. We make use of navigation, buttons, and symbols that are familiar from other Internet applications. Our users should not be puzzled, not having to search and not having to learn.

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