Mobility and home office

We would like to be able to work as efficiently from any place on earth as from within the office. Our equipment reflects this goal. We work with Mac, Google Apps, tablets and smartphones. While it is inherently important for the team to work together in the office we are also open for working remotely. With team approval and arrangement work can be conducted from the home office (or elsewhere).


Overtime cannot be avoided, however we insist on sufficient rest. That is why we equalise overtime with valuable time off instead of simple financial pay-outs. We take great care to ensure that lunch breaks and holiday periods are kept. Postponing holidays to the next year is avoided.

Bonus time: After 10 years service every employee receives a gift of one week of holiday!

Company and team-spirit

We cherish straightforward and pragmatic team interactions. We are all on a first name-basis in our office. Communication is friendly in the flat hierarchical structure and we have some regular activities and rituals to further improve  our team-spirit. We have a weekly team lunch, every year we have an offsite company celebration and in summer we frequently organise company barbecues.

Professional development

Continued education of our workforce is a highly desirable goal for us. Accordingly in the regularly scheduled feedback sessions we discuss professional development opportunities and potential with you. For the non- native English speakers we offer free lessons, participation is entirely voluntarily and free for all SABIO employees.

Part-time welcome

We believe that work has to fit in harmoniously with the life-situation to ensure that colleagues feel settled at work. As a result we are open for various part-time concepts.

Part-time work does not impact on career and promotion eligibility; we highly regard quality over quantity. Not only do we have parents working part-time, but also colleagues that wish to purposefully and individually shape their work-life-balance.

Quiet zones

IT Development work requires high levels of concentration and creative thinking. Purpose-built quiet zones have been established at SABIO to create disturbance free areas.


Job vacancies